Terms and Conditions


Our rental period is for 4 days – pricing is the same regardless of early returns. Items may be picked up at an agreed time and date determined in advance between Utility House Design Company and the client. Delivery and HST not included.


This agreement is non-transferable. Signature, deposit, and proof of ID must be supplied prior to rental. All rentals require a signed agreement and a Booking Deposit of 50% of the total rental at time of reservation. The Booking Deposit is non-refundable. Delivery is generally available and will be quoted based on event location. Set-up service is also available, which will include delivery but not return. If delivery is required, 50% of delivery cost is also required at time of booking. 


An additional Security Deposit will be charged at time of pick up and refunded upon return. This Security Deposit serves as a deposit toward any damage to the rented items. The Security Deposit will be based on the value of the rental package and noted via email. 
The client agrees to be liable for full replacement value of any damaged or missing items. Repair attempts will be made and charges will be determined based on materials and time required, otherwise, a Replacement Fee may be charged. Since items are vintage, the replacement value will be determined by online suppliers (Etsy, eBay, etc.) or independent antique vendors (craigslist, Kijiji, etc). The replacement fee is not based on the security deposit, but rather full replacement value of all missing or damaged items. 


All fees will be paid via e-transfer to hello@utilityhouse.ca with the password boulevard. No cash, cheques or debit/credit charges are accepted at this time. Booking Deposit due on reservation. Remaining balance and Security Deposit due at time of pick up. Security Deposit is 100% refundable when items are returned on time and in same condition as when picked up and will be refunded within 10 days of return date.


If items are returned late, the client will be charged 30% of the total rental cost per each additional day, unless special arrangements in scheduling are made in advance. Contact Utility House Design Company upon booking to request an alternate return date.


Utility House Design Company does not issue refunds for weather related rescheduling. Vintage items are not permitted for use in high wind or poor weather conditions that may cause damage to the items. We reserve the right to refuse rental if conditions are unfavourable for vintage pieces. An adult must pick up the order or be on premise at time of delivery to receive items. The client assumes full responsibility for full replacement of items damaged by wind and/or weather.


Utility House Design Company is happy to accommodate adjustments to orders when possible up to 30 days before the event date. Additional items can be added to your order if they are available for the requested date. You may also change out items for others of the same value depending on availability. Items may be removed from the order up to 30 days before the event date. Your order total will be adjusted accordingly and the remaining balance will be required upon pick up. Any adjustments within 30 days of the event will require full payment of the total rental order. 


Please be advised that once the agreement is signed or you have paid the Booking Deposit, your event date is reserved and all other clients are refused your specific items for that rental period, thus all Booking Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations prior to 30 days of the event will not be refunded Booking Deposit and will not require payment of total remaining balance. Orders cancelled within 30 days of the event will not be refunded Booking Deposit and will require full payment of the total rental order.


By signing this agreement, you give Utility House Design Company permission to use photos provided or taken at your event on our website, social media pages, and in promotional material such as advertising, marketing, etc. with the understanding, with no further consideration, that renter or other related parties will not profit from them in any way. No compensation monetary or otherwise will be provided. Client agrees in providing photos to UHDC that they have full right to release photos with photographer’s permission.


The client hereby agrees that they assume all liability caused by any injury or theft from any item leased to them from Utility House Design Company and it’s owner(s). Client further agrees to indemnify Utility House Design Company and it’s owner(s) in any legal action arising out of any injury or damage allegedly caused by any item leased by UHDC, including but not limited to the cost of any attorney’s fees and court costs associated with any litigation in defense of any said litigation. These terms are accepted by the client upon signing of this agreement.


No payment for rentals contained in this agreement will be accepted beyond pick up date. Failure to pay at time of pick up will be considered breech of contract - items will not be released for rent and Booking Deposit will be forfeited. Full compensation is required by Utility House Design Company.